February 12 Birthdays

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February 12th, 1993 (February 12 1993)BirthJennifer Stone, American actress
February 12th, 1991 (February 12 1991)BirthFaisal ibn Hamad Al Khalifah, prince of Bahrain (died in 2006)
February 12th, 1985 (February 12 1985)BirthSaskia Burmeister Croft, Australian actress
February 12th, 1984 (February 12 1984)BirthPeter Vanderkaay, American mid-distance swimmer
February 12th, 1984 (February 12 1984)BirthBrad Keselowski, NASCAR Nationwide Series Driver
February 12th, 1983 (February 12 1983)BirthCarlton Brewster, National Football League player
February 12th, 1982 (February 12 1982)BirthOnil Joseph, Dominican baseball player
February 12th, 1982 (February 12 1982)BirthLouis Tsatoumas, Greek long jumper
February 12th, 1980 (February 12 1980)BirthJuan Carlos Ferrero, Spanish tennis player
February 12th, 1980 (February 12 1980)BirthSarah Lancaster, American actress
February 12th, 1980 (February 12 1980)BirthChristina Ricci, American actress
February 12th, 1979 (February 12 1979)BirthAntonio Chatman, National Football League runningback
February 12th, 1979 (February 12 1979)BirthMatt Mauck, American football player
February 12th, 1979 (February 12 1979)BirthJesse Spencer, Australian actor
February 12th, 1978 (February 12 1978)BirthBrett Hodgson, Australian rugby league footballer
February 12th, 1978 (February 12 1978)BirthGethin Jones, British (Welsh) television presenter
February 12th, 1978 (February 12 1978)BirthSilver Meikar, Estonian politician
February 12th, 1977 (February 12 1977)BirthJimmy Conrad, American soccer player
February 12th, 1976 (February 12 1976)BirthAnna Benson, American model
February 12th, 1976 (February 12 1976)BirthChristian Cullen, New Zealand rugby union footballer
February 12th, 1976 (February 12 1976)BirthSilvia Saint, Czech actress
February 12th, 1975 (February 12 1975)BirthScot Pollard, American basketball player
February 12th, 1974 (February 12 1974)BirthToranosuke Takagi, Japanese race car driver
February 12th, 1973 (February 12 1973)BirthGianni Romme, Dutch speed skater
February 12th, 1973 (February 12 1973)BirthKath Soucie, American voice actress
February 12th, 1973 (February 12 1973)BirthTara Strong, Canadian-born voice actress
February 12th, 1972 (February 12 1972)BirthAjay Naidu, Indian-American actor
February 12th, 1972 (February 12 1972)BirthOwen Nolan, Canadian ice hockey player
February 12th, 1970 (February 12 1970)BirthJim Creeggan, Canadian bassist (Barenaked Ladies)
February 12th, 1970 (February 12 1970)BirthJudd Winick, writer and artist
February 12th, 1969 (February 12 1969)BirthDarren Aronofsky, American director and writer
February 12th, 1969 (February 12 1969)BirthHong Myung-Bo, Korean footballer
February 12th, 1969 (February 12 1969)BirthMeja, Swedish singer
February 12th, 1969 (February 12 1969)BirthBrad Werenka, Canadian ice hockey player
February 12th, 1968 (February 12 1968)BirthJosh Brolin, American actor
February 12th, 1968 (February 12 1968)BirthGregory Charles, French Canadian singer, dancer, pianist, radio and television host
February 12th, 1968 (February 12 1968)BirthChristopher McCandless, American nomad, subject of biography Into the Wild (died in 1992)
February 12th, 1968 (February 12 1968)BirthChynna Phillips, American singer
February 12th, 1967 (February 12 1967)BirthChris McKinstry, Canadian computer scientist
February 12th, 1967 (February 12 1967)BirthChitravina N. Ravikiran, Indian composer and musician
February 12th, 1963 (February 12 1963)BirthJohn Michael Higgins, American actor
February 12th, 1963 (February 12 1963)BirthEd Lover, American radio personality
February 12th, 1962 (February 12 1962)BirthJimmy Kirkwood, Irish-born field hockey player
February 12th, 1961 (February 12 1961)BirthJim Harris, Canadian politician
February 12th, 1959 (February 12 1959)BirthSigrid Thornton, Australian actress
February 12th, 1959 (February 12 1959)BirthLarry Nance, American basketball player
February 12th, 1958 (February 12 1958)BirthGrant McLennan, Australian musician (The Go-Betweens) (died in 2006)
February 12th, 1958 (February 12 1958)BirthBobby Smith, Canadian ice hockey player
February 12th, 1956 (February 12 1956)BirthBrian Robertson, Scottish musician (Thin Lizzy and Motorhead)
February 12th, 1955 (February 12 1955)BirthArsenio Hall, American actor and talk show host
February 12th, 1955 (February 12 1955)BirthBill Laswell, American bassist and record producer
February 12th, 1955 (February 12 1955)BirthChet Lemon, American baseball player
February 12th, 1954 (February 12 1954)BirthTzimis Panousis, Greek musician and stand-up comedian
February 12th, 1954 (February 12 1954)BirthPhilip Zimmermann, American cryptographerPhilip Zimmermann Quotes
February 12th, 1953 (February 12 1953)BirthJoanna Kerns, American actress
February 12th, 1953 (February 12 1953)BirthNabil Shaban, British actor
February 12th, 1953 (February 12 1953)BirthRobin Thomas, American actor
February 12th, 1952 (February 12 1952)BirthMichael McDonald, American musician
February 12th, 1952 (February 12 1952)BirthSimon MacCorkindale, British actor
February 12th, 1951 (February 12 1951)BirthSteven Parent, Manson murder victim (died in 1969)
February 12th, 1950 (February 12 1950)BirthMichael Ironside, Canadian actor
February 12th, 1950 (February 12 1950)BirthSteve Hackett, English guitarist (Genesis)
February 12th, 1949 (February 12 1949)BirthJoaquin Sabina, Spanish singer and songwriter
February 12th, 1948 (February 12 1948)BirthRaymond Kurzweil, American inventor and author
February 12th, 1948 (February 12 1948)BirthMike Robitaille, Canadian ice hockey player
February 12th, 1947 (February 12 1947)BirthJarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Indian leader of Damdami Taksal (died in 1984)
February 12th, 1946 (February 12 1946)BirthCliff DeYoung, American actor and musician
February 12th, 1946 (February 12 1946)BirthJean Eyeghe Ndong, Prime Minister of Gabon
February 12th, 1946 (February 12 1946)BirthAjda Pekkan, Turkish singer
February 12th, 1945 (February 12 1945)BirthMaud Adams, Swedish actress
February 12th, 1945 (February 12 1945)BirthDavid Friedman, American economist
February 12th, 1944 (February 12 1944)BirthMoe Bandy, American singer
February 12th, 1942 (February 12 1942)BirthEhud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel
February 12th, 1942 (February 12 1942)BirthPat Dobson, American baseball player (died in 2006)
February 12th, 1941 (February 12 1941)BirthNaomi Uemura, Japanese adventurer
February 12th, 1940 (February 12 1940)BirthRichard Lynch, American actor
February 12th, 1939 (February 12 1939)BirthRay Manzarek, American keyboardist (The Doors)
February 12th, 1938 (February 12 1938)BirthJudy Blume, American author
February 12th, 1938 (February 12 1938)BirthJohnny Rutherford, American race car driver
February 12th, 1938 (February 12 1938)BirthPeter Temple-Morris, Baron Temple-Morris, British politician
February 12th, 1937 (February 12 1937)BirthCharles Dumas, American athlete (died in 2004)
February 12th, 1936 (February 12 1936)BirthJoe Don Baker, American actor
February 12th, 1936 (February 12 1936)BirthPaul Shenar, American actor
February 12th, 1935 (February 12 1935)BirthGene McDaniels, American singer
February 12th, 1934 (February 12 1934)BirthAnne Krueger, American economist
February 12th, 1934 (February 12 1934)BirthBill Russell, American basketball player
February 12th, 1934 (February 12 1934)BirthAnnette Crosbie, Scottish actress
February 12th, 1932 (February 12 1932)BirthAxel Jensen, Norwegian author (died in 2003)
February 12th, 1932 (February 12 1932)BirthJulian Lincoln Simon, American economist and author (died in 1998) Julian Quotes
February 12th, 1931 (February 12 1931)BirthJanwillem van de Wetering, Dutch author
February 12th, 1930 (February 12 1930)BirthArlen Specter, U.S. Senator from PennsylvaniaArlen Specter Quotes
February 12th, 1926 (February 12 1926)BirthJoe Garagiola, American baseball player and announcer
February 12th, 1926 (February 12 1926)BirthCharles Van Doren, American quiz show contestant
February 12th, 1925 (February 12 1925)BirthSir Anthony Berry, British politician (died in 1984)
February 12th, 1923 (February 12 1923)BirthFranco Zeffirelli, Italian film and opera director and designer
February 12th, 1923 (February 12 1923)BirthChaskel Besser, Orthodox rabbi
February 12th, 1920 (February 12 1920)BirthWilliam Roscoe Estep, Baptist historian and professor (died in 2000)
February 12th, 1920 (February 12 1920)BirthPran, Indian actor
February 12th, 1919 (February 12 1919)BirthForrest Tucker, American actor (died in 1986)
February 12th, 1918 (February 12 1918)BirthJulian Schwinger, American physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1994) Julian Quotes
February 12th, 1917 (February 12 1917)BirthRaizo Matsuno, Japanese politician (died in 2006)
February 12th, 1916 (February 12 1916)BirthJoseph Alioto, Mayor of San Francisco (died in 1998)
February 12th, 1915 (February 12 1915)BirthLorne Greene, American actor (died in 1987)
February 12th, 1914 (February 12 1914)BirthTex Beneke, American musician and band leader (died in 2000)
February 12th, 1914 (February 12 1914)BirthArvid Pardo, Maltese diplomat, a.k.a "Father of the Law of the Sea Conference" (died in 1999)
February 12th, 1912 (February 12 1912)BirthR. F. Delderfield, English author (died in 1972)
February 12th, 1911 (February 12 1911)BirthStephen H. Sholes, American recording executive (died in 1968)
February 12th, 1909 (February 12 1909)BirthSigmund Rascher, German SS doctor (died in 1945)
February 12th, 1908 (February 12 1908)BirthJacques Herbrand, French logician and mathematician (died in 1931)
February 12th, 1908 (February 12 1908)BirthJean Effel, French painter and journalist (died in 1982)
February 12th, 1908 (February 12 1908)BirthAugust Neo, Estonian wrestler (died in 1982)
February 12th, 1907 (February 12 1907)BirthClifton C. Edom, American photojournalism educator (died in 1991)
February 12th, 1904 (February 12 1904)BirthTed Mack, American television host (died in 1976)
February 12th, 1903 (February 12 1903)BirthChick Hafey, baseball player (died in 1973)
February 12th, 1903 (February 12 1903)BirthJoseph F. Biroc, American cinematographer (died in 1996)
February 12th, 1902 (February 12 1902)BirthWilliam Collier, American stage and film actor (died in 1987)
February 12th, 1900 (February 12 1900)BirthRoger J. Traynor, American judge (died in 1980)
February 12th, 1898 (February 12 1898)BirthWallace Ford, English-born actor (died in 1966)
February 12th, 1897 (February 12 1897)BirthVola Vale, American actress (died in 1970)
February 12th, 1893 (February 12 1893)BirthOmar Bradley, American general (died in 1981)Omar Bradley Quotes
February 12th, 1885 (February 12 1885)BirthJulius Streicher, Nazi German publisher (died in 1946)Julius Streicher Quotes
February 12th, 1884 (February 12 1884)BirthMax Beckmann, German artist (died in 1950)
February 12th, 1884 (February 12 1884)BirthMarie Vassilieff, Russian artist (died in 1957)
February 12th, 1884 (February 12 1884)BirthJohan Laidoner, Estonian military commander (died in 1953)
February 12th, 1881 (February 12 1881)BirthAnna Pavlova, Russian ballerina (died in 1931)
February 12th, 1880 (February 12 1880)BirthJohn L. Lewis, American labor union leader (died in 1969)
February 12th, 1876 (February 12 1876)BirthThubten Gyatso, 13th Dalai Lama (died in 1933)
February 12th, 1870 (February 12 1870)BirthMarie Lloyd, English music-hall performer (died in 1922)
February 12th, 1865 (February 12 1865)BirthKazimierz Tetmajer, Polish poet and writer (died in 1940)
February 12th, 1861 (February 12 1861)BirthLou Andreas-Salome, Russian-born author (died in 1937)
February 12th, 1857 (February 12 1857)BirthBobby Peel, English cricketer (died in 1943)
February 12th, 1843 (February 12 1843)BirthJohn Graham Chambers, English athlete who wrote the Queensberry rules for boxing (died in 1883)
February 12th, 1828 (February 12 1828)BirthGeorge Meredith, English writer (died in 1909)George Meredith Quotes
February 12th, 1809 (February 12 1809)BirthCharles Darwin, English naturalist (died in 1882)Charles Darwin Quotes
February 12th, 1809 (February 12 1809)BirthAbraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States (died in 1865)Abraham Lincoln Quotes
February 12th, 1804 (February 12 1804)BirthHeinrich Lenz, German physicist (died in 1865)
February 12th, 1794 (February 12 1794)BirthAlexander Petrov, Russian chess player (died in 1867)
February 12th, 1791 (February 12 1791)BirthPeter Cooper, American Industrialist, inventor and philanthropist (died in 1883)
February 12th, 1788 (February 12 1788)BirthCarl Reichenbach, German chemist and philosopher (died in 1869) Philo Quotes
February 12th, 1785 (February 12 1785)BirthPierre Louis Dulong, French physicist (died in 1838)
February 12th, 1777 (February 12 1777)BirthFriedrich de la Motte Fouque, German poet (died in 1843)
February 12th, 1775 (February 12 1775)BirthLouisa Adams, First Lady of the United States, wife of John Quincy Adams (died in 1852)John Quincy Adams Quotes
February 12th, 1768 (February 12 1768)BirthFrancis II, Holy Roman Emperor (died in 1835)
February 12th, 1753 (February 12 1753)BirthFrancois-Paul Brueys D Aigalliers, French admiral (died in 1798)
February 12th, 1746 (February 12 1746)BirthTadeusz Kosciuszko (Thaddeus Kosciusko), Polish, Belarusian and Lithuanian national hero and general (d.1817)
February 12th, 1728 (February 12 1728)BirthEtienne-Louis Boullee, French architect (died in 1799)
February 12th, 1704 (February 12 1704)BirthCharles Pinot Duclos, French writer (died in 1772)
February 12th, 1665 (February 12 1665)BirthRudolf Jakob Camerarius, German botanist and physician (died in 1721)
February 12th, 1663 (February 12 1663)BirthCotton Mather, New England minister (died in 1728)
February 12th, 1637 (February 12 1637)BirthJan Swammerdam, Dutch biologist (died in 1680)
February 12th, 1606 (February 12 1606)BirthJohn Winthrop, the Younger, Governor of Connecticut (died in 1676)
February 12th, 1567 (February 12 1567)BirthThomas Campion, English composer and poet (died in 1620)Thomas Campion Quotes
February 12th, 1218 (February 12 1218)BirthKujo Yoritsune, Japanese shogun (died in 1256)
February 12th, 1074 (February 12 1074)BirthConrad, King of Germany and Italy (died in 1101)

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